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A Day in the life of a 603 Yard & Tree Service Employee
A Day in the life of a 603 Yard & Tree Service Employee

A Day in the life of a 603 Yard & Tree Service Employee

Each new day at the 603 Yard & Tree Service company is an opportunity for personal growth and professional experience. Here is an inside look on what a typical day looks like for our diligent team member.

Work usually kicks off very early in the morning, around 7 am, where we link up at our operational base in East Derry, NH. From this point, the roster for the day is looked into, organized on the basis of the orders and requests that have come in, which typically falls into our specialty areas such as Commercial Lawn Care, Tree Trimming, Tree Services, and Landscaping.

Tree Services & Landscaping

Having had breakfast and reviewed our checklist, we head out to the working sites. The day could involve anything like heading out to a commercial property in Manchester, NH for lawn care duties or going to a residential property in Chester, NH for a tree trimming exercise.

Tree removal is usually a more complex affair. It is a multi-step process requiring absolute concentration. With safety being paramount, the location is mapped out and planning for the limiting conditions is done in advance. If we are operating in Hooksett, NH, for example, we ensure all the logistics and paperwork is in order before embarking on the task.

Teamwork & Customer Satisfaction

With the myriad of activities, teamwork is a vital part in ensuring all tasks are executed effectively. We coordinate effectively with each other and even with our clients to ensure all desired expectations are met.

At the end of the day, the team reconvenes back at the East Derry, NH base to keep everything in order. All the tools and equipment are checked and restocked, ensuring we are ever ready for the next day. After a hard day’s work, the feeling of job satisfaction knowing that we have contributed to the beauty and safety of our communities is fulfilling.

Our steadfast commitment to offering quality services to the beautiful towns of Derry, Auburn, Chester, Manchester, Hooksett and more is what makes life at 603 Yard & Tree Service rewarding.